Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003– )
Please stop all the Trump bashing
27 May 2017
I love this show and I find Jimmy Kimmell very funny. However, lately the whole damn show revolves around Donald Trump. Jimmy, you were never so political before and it has come time to stop. A few jokes and poking fun is fine. But, your monologue every night is all about Donald Trump. He actually won the election. Let it go. Stop acting like all the crazy Hollyweird lefties. Again, I find you very talented and very funny with sincerity. I appreciate when you share your feelings without blaming the government. Don Rickles was very funny and you never knew his politics. I used to never know yours and I respected you for that but lately the show has done a 180 and I really don't care for it. Let's all laugh and joke at something, anything else and not politics. See you on my DVR. Praying for your baby boy. Take care
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