Dream Stalker (1991 Video)
A gloriously ghastly supernatural horror obscurity
26 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Super model Brittney (flatly played by yummy brunette Valerie Williams) finds herself being haunted by the disfigured ghost of her recently deceased motorcross racer boyfriend Ricky (Mark Dias in grotesque make-up).

Boy, does this uproariously awful dud possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a real four-star stinkeroonie: We've got slack (non)direction by Christopher Mills, a plodding pace, cheesy gore, rinky-dink (not so) special effects, some tasty gratuitous nudity, a seriously scorching soft-core sex scene, a meandering narrative, tinny sound, rough cinematography, a tacky synthesizer score, zero tension or spooky atmosphere, and crummy acting from a lame no-name cast. An absolute cruddy Grade Z hoot.
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