Black Mirror (2011–2019)
Britain's Twilight Zone! And So Much More!
22 May 2017
Black Mirror is the anthology series we've been wanting the UK to make in a very long time. Each episode is a self-contained story that could EASILY be used for episodes of shows like Doctor Who and such. The thing that makes Black Mirror so good is its exploration of futuristic utopias, how technology affects the world when we've reached a breaking point, and it's got the open-ended anthology nature of The Twilight Zone. It's basically a contemporary equivalent of Twilight Zone for the 2010s.

I love Black Mirror. I discovered it when Netflix revived the series in 2016, and the stories it tells are interesting and unsettling. Is all that happens in the world of Black Mirror the right thing to do? Do the character even know the difference between right and wrong?

See this show asap. It's not going to fizzle anytime soon; but get a Netflix account if you don't have one already.
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