I hear Italian models like being killed
9 May 2017
Hey girls! Here's a piece of advice: When you discover a man trying to secretly bury the corpse of someone who has clearly been murdered, don't try to blackmail them - The fact that they are burying a dead body probably means they might be prone to fits of murderous violence, or at least know someone who's mental.

This is a standard template Giallo film with the black gloved killer, sexy victims, loads of suspects, body count and stalking sequences, but it's also fast-paced, fun and of course for this period is set in a huge creepy mansion - there must be millions of them in Italy!

Hey William Bergers! Try to find a better excuse for trying to cover up all the murders at your insane asylum for Giallo Red Herring Actors because the one you gave our heroine was a bit lame. Love that flashback, however! Also, if you want to keep your disfigured sister-in-law secret up on the top floor, give her slippers rather than the giant shoes she had on. And tell her to lift her feet when walking! It is fun that most of the characters own or have something already displayed by the killer (a straight razor, a big black gown etc) and am I going mad or did one of the non-killer character actually murder a coach driver? That was weird. Also, it supposed to be set in Norfolk!

Hey recently unmasked killers! Do not under any circumstances when being chased by an angry mob try to put any height between you and said mob, because this always results in a short but fatal struggle with gravity.

For another, far, far more filthy giallo set in an insane asylum, look no further than Slaughter Hotel!
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