Review of 47 Ronin

47 Ronin (2013)
Not at all close to the true story of the "Ako roshi"
8 May 2017
Good but the real story of 47 ronin as it happened in history is not represented in this movie. Kira who was the shogun's manner instructor didn't get the customary bribe, so he didn't teach Asano the proper way to greet the Shogun in the actual story, and was humiliated for improper greeting of shogun which enraged him to draw a sword against Kira in the castle which was crime punishable by death. Ooishi and 47 ronin who lost their master swore vengeance on Kira, and that was the story of 47 ronin. Here the story is more like a fantasy. Since the story here is an American original, this review is for an American fiction movie. It's kind of a bastardization of how samurai lived in their days, and creating good action movie. As such, movie is of good quality, and doesn't disappoint. While some of the premise seems ridiculous to the ones versed in the way of samurai, that is forgiven as ignorance towards the true culture of the samurai. Some American movie has done a better job in this area (like the Last Samurai ),this is an acceptable and interesting version of 47 ronin.
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