A decent found footage... hes right friggin there!!
4 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I do love a found footage horror and while I've heard of the Marble Hornets series, I went into this pretty blind on the slenderman front. Whether that is why I enjoyed it so much (seeing all the bad reviews) but it was fast paced, creepy and had a pretty good story, what was not to like?

Following a small news team inspecting repossessed house, they come across a box of video tapes and sense a story. After watching the tapes, they soon realize the family wasn't pushed out by the banks, but by a faceless figure that can only be seen by a camera lens.

While the slenderman to me isn't that scary when you actually see him, the glimpses and cut jump shots you get of him were very effective.

Seemingly if you're a Marble Hornets fan you won't particularly like this movie, if you aren't you'll probably dig it like me.
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