The Bad Twin (2016)
Duo Damsel
25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After her crazy sister is committed to an institution for the mentally ill, wealthy radio talk-show therapist Haylie Duff (as "Jen" Burgess) accepts guardianship of her pretty twin nieces. The 15-year-old twins "Olivia" and "Quinn" are played by one actress, mature-looking Grace Van Dien. The girls are not only strikingly beautiful and mature-looking, but also pout in in creepy, trouble-signaling ways. They sometimes dress like super-models and other times like they're Amish. In either case, they stand out in the messy home kept by unhinged mama Jacy King (as Cassandra Lynn Murphy). One of the twins is revealed to be creepier than the other and becomes the "Bad Twin" referred to in the title. You won't believe what she does, or maybe you will...

Watch for youngest "My Three Sons" classic TV comedy actor Barry Livingston help Ms. Duff as a kindly doctor...

This is a technically successful film for director John Murlowski and his crew. When a single performer is cast as twins, it's fun to try to watch for the instances when "special effects" or a double are used to get both characters on screen. She never really seems like the poor, troubled teenagers she is directed to portray, but Ms. Van Dien handles a range of emotions well. Both the effects and Mr. Murlowski's direction are quite skillful, and Alix Reeves' story gets you involved enough in the drama to suspend disbelief about the single twins. Everyone seems to manage their role without being particularly believable. Very little would lead me to believe any of the conspiring actresses would allow themselves to be trapped in an enclosed area with a swarm of bees.

**** Bad Twin (12/29/2016) John Murlowski ~ Haylie Duff, Grace Van Dien, Jacy King, Scott Bailey
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