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Fences (2016)
*There are no superlatives to describe just how excellent this film is.*
17 February 2017
How lovely to see a film with *proper* dialogue and excellent diction. It is, of course, adapted from a Broadway play, so works hard to make every word count. In that respect it reminds me of 'West Side Story' or 'Casablanca' - lots of memorable lines that one will never tire of hearing.

"How come you don't like me?"

"I don't have to like you!"

(Not a spoiler as this classic exchange is in the trailer.)

It was a nice surprise not to feel my heart sink, as I realise I can barely understand a word the cast are saying in most films these days, as they mumble incomprehensible one-liners - for example, Nicole Kidman in 'Lion' (nonetheless a great film) - it restored my faith in the American accent and that it is not a completely different language needing subtitles.

Viola Davis delivers an absolutely stunning performance. I cannot understand how in the BAFTA ceremony she only got 'best supporting actress', as she is far superior to Emma Stone in La-La-Land, who got 'best actress'.

It's a super, super drama. The father and son conflict is acted out superbly. There are no superlatives to describe just how excellent this film is.
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