Rocket Power (1999–2004)
Worst Episode of Rocket Power
4 February 2017
TheMysteriousMrEnter Review Snow Day, and some people hated the Lingos, but he worst in my opinion is The Missile Crisis. I really hate this episode. Reggie Rocket is my favorite character in the show, but in this episode, she was very unlike able. She is a complete jerk here and it makes the episode frustrating. Even Otto was worrying about Reggie. Not to mention that she is rebellious in this episode. The reason why she acts like that is because she thinks she's boring. It is definitely an Animated Attrocity. As the show I like it, but not as great as Chalkzone and SpongeBob SquarePants. If you don't like this show because the main characters. Reggie Rocket is the best of the show, because at least she responsible, and she nice (sure she could be mean sometimes if the boys are doing something bad).
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