War (2014)
Swiss Boot Camp Drama
28 January 2017
Chrieg –'War' is a Swiss film about 15 year old Matteo, he is at the awkward age where he just seems to get everything wrong – short on friends but long on stupid ideas he finally pushes his parents too far. They react like most balanced people and decide to send him to a Boot Camp – nice.

He gets taken off and once he arrives find it is in the middle of nowhere and run by an old man who is more keen on the bottle than any sort or rehabilitation and the inmates are left to their own devices. Devoid of control they give free rein to their dark sides and Matteo is swept up in it.

Now this is an independent effort and in Swiss German – a language I am not familiar with but there are many parallels to German. The story is one that keeps you guessing and the actors are all really good – especially so when it relies on a predominantly young cast. There is violence and scenes of a sexual nature but nothing 'hard core' as it were. I actually thought it was a very good effort indeed and was glued to the screen for the most part so this is one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a coming of age story – but a story with one foot rooted in criminality.
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