Adam and Eve (1983)
Amazing Italian trash classic has a bit of everything
10 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
ADAM AND EVE MEET THE CANNIBALS is undoubtedly the weirdest Bible story you'll ever see. It's an Italian trash classic that manages to ride the wave of no less than four popular sub-genres of the era, a film that provides fitfully cheesy entertainment despite the many shortcomings of the production budget and script. It's one of those films that only true connoisseurs of trash cinema will enjoy, a so-bad-it's-good piece of filmmaking from Italy.

The first genre is the mini-wave of 'back to nature' films that followed in the wake of the success of THE BLUE LAGOON. I haven't seen too many of these, but the directors had already made one rip-off (BLUE ISLAND) so I guess they were well versed to make this story. The second genre is the religious epic, although ADAM AND EVE MEET THE CANNIBALS is about as far away from any Bible story as THE TERMINATOR. The third genre is the prehistoric caveman epic, popular at the time with QUEST FOR FIRE and all of the inspirations that followed, not least the gory Italian rip-off MASTER OF THE WORLD. The fourth is the cannibal film, bizarrely enough.

This film's plot starts off traditionally, with Eve being tempted by a serpent and having a bite of the apple. Once they're kicked out of the Garden of Eden, the weirdness begins. The story follows a journey narrative as the twosome meet various tribes and characters and undergo some bizarre experiences. There's a brief battle with a stop-motion Pterodactyl (!) and encounters with ferocious tigers and the like. A rolling boulder scene straight out of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK but with hilariously cheesy effects. An encounter with some Neanderthals and later a long passage involving jungle natives which directly references the Italian cannibal film genre of the 1970s. Add in rugged scenery (the whole thing was shot in the great outdoors) and the cheesiest song accompanying a sex scene this side of LUST FOR A VAMPIRE, and you have one memorably bad film. The actor playing Adam, Mark Gregory, was familiar from his roles in the various BRONX WARRIOR type films, while Eve's Andrea Goldman was a complete unknown, and it shows.
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