Review of Lurkers

Lurkers (1988)
Not Scary and Not Good
7 January 2017
The Plot.

Cathys mother killed her father and tried to kill her when she was ten. Her younger brother, a priest, holds her responsible. Fifteen years later Bob manipulates a clingy, drippy Cathy into falling in love with him.

He lures her back to the apartment building of her youth for a so- called work party.

There, he and his business partner Monica and a few of their oddly pathetic friends hold Cathy hostage for a few hours before forcing her off the side of the building roof.

She becomes one of them, a 'lurker'. The building is supposed to be 'hell' and everyone born there is evil and is brought back there to die.

Cathy becomes one of the lurkers who floats around town warning other people who the baddies try to get back to the building - Bobs new girlfriend and Cathy's priest brother including.

This was supposedly filmed in Washington Heights, NY. A bunch of scenes are from Lincoln Center, however and many of the interior apartment shots don't resemble anything from Washington Heights.

It's really poorly directed lending support to my theory that women cannot direct. The story is fragmented and boring. This is supposed to be a cult movie but it has none of the kewl quirky exposition that real cult movies contain.

Given the director's past foray into porn, i suspect this movie had some mob money in it.

There's really nothing redeeming about this film. The acting is abysmal and the plot is not remotely interesting. Plus it's hard to follow.
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