Plaga zombie (1997 Video)
D.I.Y. splatstick from Argentina.
28 December 2016
Plaga Zombie is an extremely low budget splatstick flick clearly inspired by the early movies of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, with lots of inventive camera-work and an abundance of cheap and cheerful gore effects. Sadly, the weak plot, poor performances, pitiful humour and some of the crappiest looking zombies imaginable (I've seen better face painting at a school fete) prevent this one from from coming anywhere near to matching the brilliance of The Evil Dead and Bad Taste.

The film opens with evil aliens abducting a young man and infecting him with a zombie virus before returning him to Earth. As the plague spreads, wrestler John West (Berta Muñiz), medical student Bill Johnson (Pablo Parés) and mathematician Max Giggs (Hernán Sáez) are forced to take up arms against the living dead.

Considering the almost non-existent budget of approximately $120, I guess that all involved should be commended for actually delivering anything remotely resembling a coherent film, but the fact remains that, despite some bold direction and a few creative effects, the overall movie simply isn't that great. The 2001 sequel, Plaga zombie: Zona mutante would take the same splatstick approach, but would show improvements in most departments, making it a far more enjoyable watch.
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