Divorce (2016–2019)
A tough subject handled well (SPOILERS)
23 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers

I watched the entire season four times. The first time I wasn't sure I liked it. By the final viewing, I was intrigued not only by the main couple, but their small group of close friends. The lonely single therapist and a couple who are unhappily married.

SPOILER: Though the show is about the divorce between SJP and T Church, there is an unhappy marriage in their social orbit. They are friends with a wealthy, self-absorbed couple who, in the first episode, have a fight at a party that devolves into an attempted shooting. Molly Shannon is excellent playing the narcissistic wife suppressing a deep loneliness and sadness by drinking too much.

I'm beginning to think this couple, who are remaining miserably married, might feature at the end of the story arc later.

I don't have any trouble separating SJP from the show she did 20 years ago. She is very good in this. And it's impossible not to add that it appears she has had no cosmetic surgery and has chosen actors who have not. That is so welcome. I can finally see women show emotions on a show.

The other thing I noticed over repeated viewing is there is much more humor than it seems on first viewing. I think SJP wanted to give us time to get to know these characters. I haven't spotted anything out of sync. The kids seem the right age. It seems realistic that a working mother who barely sees the kids through the week might walk out with them in the morning. From habit or guilt or just to hold on a little to their childhoods.

Divorce is so common. I've always wanted someone to tackle the subject with the right mix of emotions. Relief, humor, trust, anger, resentment, rage. I think this show is working now but I have even higher hopes as it progresses. How will things be at the end when one couple is divorced and one couple is is a marriage that is so bad it's dangerous.
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