Escape the Night (2016– )
Whodunnit was better. Still enjoyed it.
20 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is SO much worse than Whodunnit?, structurally. at least it had a GAME compared to... "work together in escape room puzzles, vote each other off" with no link between other than, "Episode puzzle complete, now vote x amount of guest's for elimination challenge." It's just a end of episode switch that turns off and on. with nothing gained for the guest by solving the puzzle other than "you can go on to the vote". Whodunnit? has the spared/scared/best case mechanic, where only the best player can be guaranteed to to move on with the rest fate being dependent on how good they were, with the worst only at the last second to find out if they died. Imagine having to go to sleep knowing that you could be visited by the producer/killer in the middle of the night. that's terrifying. And (SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL EPISODE OF ETN) it's 2016. After a very good aversion, with Giles (every job you take,no matter the location. a killing game happens where you host. Thats Baudelaire unfortunate. You feel sorry for him for the hell he is put through.READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE!.) ETN throws That out of the window with TRICKING ITS GUESTS that one of them is the Evils puppet, that it turns out that it was Arthur the butler the whole time. I'd rather they play it straight that go, "The butler did it." It adds unnecessary tension (and filler) in the group, knowing that none of them was "the killer". (SPOILERS END) And WTF was this society against evil crap? (who names their group society against evil, It's like a bad supernatural fan fiction name.) it's only purpose was to mark clues for the episodes puzzle, and NOTHING ELSE. Ugh....... i don't hate escape the night, (they were about the same, quality wise.). and i loved joeys performance in the 4th door and black box TV. I just wish he would acknowledge the similarities with his interviews. on the bright side ETN season 2 is coming out, so they have a second chance. I'm going to watch it like a hawk. Don't screw it up next time.
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