Divorce (2016–2019)
Beneath HBO standards
13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I stuck with it for the season finale, but I wish I had not.

These characters are poorly written, unlikable , not very interesting- and annoying for the most part.

I was OK with Robert in the beginning, he was quirky and spontaneous- funny sense of humor.

His absurd social random outbursts make me wonder if he has high functioning autism? His often lack of empathy at odd moments is too random.

Francis is where it all goes bad for me. She's a married woman having an affair in the first episode, tells her husband at a party (no less) that she wants a divorce, changes her mind when her lover rejects her because he likes things the way they are in his life.

It's difficult to like anything about her. Even the kids were unlikable for the first couple of episodes. Her lover "Julian" unlikable.

Unless someone can promise me a war of the roses ending I won't be back for season two- this fiasco's likely final season.
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