Elena of Avalor (2016– )
Enjoyable for all Ages
12 December 2016
so let me start out that I'm a 34 year old Disney fan with no children. I watch this show because I enjoy it and Sofia the First as lighthearted shows that bring me Disney Magic more often then new Disney movies come out.

I've read the other 4 review of this show, written when very few of the episodes where out and I feel that I can expand on what they have said.

Firs off, yes this show is a Spin Off of Sofia the First (a Disney Junior show), but with an older main character (Elena) so that it deals with ordeals of a more mature theme, which is why it's on the Disney Channel and not Disney Junior. Like StF there is at least one new song each episode, and they are written to at least sound like Latino music to keep with the feel of Disney's First Latino Princess. There are many other nods to different Latino cultures threw out the show. Which I find enjoyable, as it differentiates Avalor from all other Disney Countries, giving it it's own flair.

Most of the episodes deals with Elena, newly released from the Amulet of Avalor after 41 years, dealing with decisions she has to make as Crown Princess. Elena's still a teenager so things don't always go as planed. There have also been a few villains that come threw, some with magic making her Royal Wizard a necessary helper.

For those who want the backstory of Elena, how she got trapped in an amulet, how she got out etc. you will need to watch the Sofia the First special Elena and the Secret of Avalor, as, like I said, this is a spin off series. (I'm hoping that in the future there will be more crossovers and mention to places and things from StF in EoA).

All in all I think this is a great show, and properly belongs on the Disney Channel and not Disney Junior.
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