Pretty Boring All Around
4 December 2016
Angel of Vengeance (1987)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Tina Davenport (Jannina Poynter) arrives in a small town where she hopes to do some research on her hero father. Soon she runs into a crazy group of survivalists who rape her. They should have finished her off because soon Tina is coming back for vengeance.

ANGEL OF VENGEANCE is another low-budget action picture from cult director Ted V. Mikels. The director is certainly a cult item because he truly made some of the worst movies out there but I still find myself watching them simply because the man himself was so interesting. He really did seem like a great guy but sadly his movies really weren't all that good and that's certainly true for this film, which is pretty much a remake of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME.

On one hand I admire someone like Mikels who just goes out there and films movies. This one here actually has a lot more effort than most of his pictures and it seems the budget is a tad bit higher than normal but there are still all sorts of problems here. The biggest one is that none of the characters are all that interesting. The lead female might look good but do we really care about her character or what happens to her? I didn't. The villains are more like cartoon characters and not once do you feel threatened by them.

This leads to another problem in the fact that there's no tension in the film. There's no drama or suspense so add this to the fact that you don't care about the characters and it's hard to really hold any interest in the film. There are some decent explosions and the locations look great but there's just not much here to keep you entertained.
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