Divorce (2016–2019)
Shallow, lackluster and boring. HBO signature is not enough reason to keep on watching.
17 October 2016
I can think of many interesting ways of narrating the crisis of values, substance and purpose in married life, while exposing vulnerabilities and self-questioning, and underscoring the elusive quest for happiness.

This show is definitely not one of them.

I personally find Sarah Jessica Parker an unconvincing actress no matter how many times I watch her on the screen. So I gather there is something in the way she acts which creates an annoying distance between her characters and me. The only reason why I gave this show a try was the HBO patronage, generally a synonym for quality productions.

But, regrettably, it was not enough.

The script does not offer anything new, surprising or true about divorce. The conflicting situations, sketched and staged in a lame, unfluid mise-en-scene, do not ring a true note about the actual suffering, anguish and failure which generally surrounds a separation between people who have once loved and committed each other for life. The characters are stupid, yes, but also anticlimactic, which frankly discourages the desire to keep on watching.

I also found the script quite dumb, lacking in creativity and originality. If I have to listen to women doing inventory about the disenchantment of marriage, I'd rather stay with Meg Ryan and Carrie Fisher, whom at least had wit and charisma.

In short, a futile, non transcendental exercise which didn't convince me about staying with it.
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