It's all about the ginseng and not much else
12 October 2016
The movie opens with the narrator explaining about lamas and the significance of color and the comparison to Shaolin. Though in the title, it has nothing to do with the story. Chi Kuan-Chun does a demonstration fight then an old monk explains the whole back story. Lung Fei is released from prison and Chi Kuan-Chun saves him from three monks trying to kill him. Lung Fei goes to a tea house to find a man who owes him big money but the man is dead and Woo Gam is in mourning. Once again Chi Kuan-Chun is there, this time to help Woo Gam.

If you are a fan of Got Siu-Bo he plays the pickpocket waiter and gets to do a love scene. I like Got Siu-Bo but I had to fast forward through the love scene.

The story drags and there are scenes that have nothing to do with advancing the story. The exposition even gets repetitious. This movie is really suitable only for hard core fans of the genre and even then it is the sort of movie a hard core fan would only watch once and then forget.
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