Bloody Moon (1981)
The Saw of Death, I saw the boredom
16 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Die Säge des Todes" or "Bloody Moon" is a collaboration between West Germany and Spain from 1981, so this film has its 35th anniversary this year. The language is predominantly Spanish (despite Austrian writer Erich Tomek), even if IMDb wants you to believe otherwise. It is probably due to director Jesús Franco and this 90-minute film here is not one of his German-language efforts (with Dietrich for example). The main characters are played by German actors, even if they have Spanish names, but there are also a handful Spanish actors in here playing smaller roles. But it really all isn't that important because it does not matter who is who and where they come from as the script (and the acting too to some extent) turns this one into a really weak showing I must say. There is not that much erotics in here as there is in many of Franco's other works, which may have made this at least a good watch for a horny audience. But the way it finally turned out, it is not a good watch for any audience. The horror components, like severed heads on several occasions, feel rushed in and included just for the sake of shocking people and add very little in terms of the plot or story-telling in general. It was a really boring film and the makers' attempts to make this a scary work or succeed from a thriller perspective did not turn out well at all. Oh yeah, and Olivia Pascal was not half as hot as I remembered her. As a whole, this was a failure with regard to almost everything. I absolutely don't recommend the watch. And don't start with this film if you want to get into Franco's work, because you will probably quit immediately afterward and miss out on some of his better stuff. No idea why this film here is actually among his more known works. Stay away.
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