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Outcast (2016– )
Kirkman = STRONG OPENING; NOTHING HAPPENS for the rest of the season; CLIFFHANGER. Then rinse-repeat next Season.
22 August 2016
I gotta stop writing negative reviews. For some reason it's easier to bucket something unworthy than to praise up something good. I guess good things don't irritate you.

Kirkman has managed to irritate me. One too many times.

In fact ... that's it. I've had it with him. He's a talent-less charlatan. I won't even be bothering with Walking Dead when it returns - I read ahead on TWD and found out what happens I got so bored with waiting.

Outcast has done the same thing he always does.

First episode is really gripping. You want to know what happens.


Talk. Let's talk. Have we talked about this? You only ever want to talk, you never talk about the real issues! You're just saying that, I wanna talk about this! Have they talked about this? I dunno, we'd better talk about it. Have we talked enough? We don't talk enough anymore. I think you should talk to him. Have you talked to her? She talked to me. We talked. But I don't think we did enough talking for the group. We'd better have a group talk. We all need to talk more. We definitely haven't talked enough. You talk, you're better at talking. Hand on, I'll talk, you talk later. We all talk now or we talk later. You gotta talk to him. I have talked to him, he hasn't talked to you. I talked to him, what are you talking about? We'd better talk about that. Talk more. Come on, talk. Just talk. Talk.

Oh oh I don't know how to write a story, so I'd better create a cliffhanger ending so people think I have some suspense ability. I'm Robert Kirkman, and basically I'm a liar and a fake.

The only good points:

* Great first episode, which turned out to be the only good episode.

* Fantastic opening track by Atticus Rose et al, with excellent visuals.

* Philip Glenister (his accent was amazing too, he only let slip one English syllable that I noticed in the whole season).

* Reg E. Cathey.

* Brent Spiner.

* Wrenn Schmidt in a wet and soapy nude scene.

None of which are enough to entice me back for Season 2.

Mr. Kirkman, you are a fraud and we are done here.



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