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Gun (I) (2010)
Worthy of it's low rating
16 August 2016
50 Cent's movies tend to have very low ratings, but I tend to enjoy a lot of them still (for instance 'GET RICH OR DIE Trying' is IMO really good and 'SETUP (2011)' plus 'STREETS OF BLOOD (2009)' provides fairly good entertainment despite their flaws).

So even though this had a 3.8/10 I thought it could still be decent.

But no, this one actually deserves it.

Poor writing (by 50 Cent himself) and unfocused story with too many scenes of the police (which wouldn't be a problem if 50 knew how to write for cops, which he clearly doesn't and gives them extremely redundant dialog to work with) and the acting is not very good.

AnnaLynne McCord I usually like but her role is fairly pointless (basically in it just to be a girl for 50 to seduce), but then I suppose most characters in it are, none of the characters feel real and it just doesn't really quite work on any level.

Danny Trejo is in it for just one scene, but that's something I've come to get used to when his name is attached to something.

James Remar has a fairly big role, and he doesn't pull a bad performance but he's just not given much to work with.

And Val Kilmer... I don't feel like kicking someone who's already lying down.

Not much more to say about it really. I mean the end does show that their were some decent intentions with the script but it just got lost in the way of trying to make 50 look as gangsta as possible.

Even 'BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT (2009)' was better than this.
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