Haunted Gold (1932)
"He ain't no phantom . . . "
8 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
" . . . with that watermelon accent," one White Dude says to another as HAUNTED GOLD proves that John Wayne flicks were chock full of Racism from their earliest days. During GOLD, Wayne constantly demeans his older Black Employee, "Clarence," (played by Blue Washington) by calling him "Boy." This and Wayne's many subsequent films in which he portrays a string of lazy Racist Antebellum (or Pre-Civil War) Southerners, Ex-Confederate War Criminals, and U.S. Cavalry Officers waging Genocidal War against North America's First Nations goes a long way toward explaining why "Il Duce" was extremely popular in America's Ku Klux Klan Kountry, but not so much anywhere normal human beings lived. Though Wayne could tolerate working with mostly-White buffoons putting on "Redface" to portray "Indians" for him to massacre, he was notoriously skittish around Blacks, who had few memorable co-starring roles with him among any of his 166 feature films. Though Mr. Washington's part here played as "Comic Relief" in that part of America universally viewed as backward and inbred Then, as well as Today, quantity always Trumps quality in the U.S., as the Racist Trumping King still teaches us daily.
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