Deadening Most Dangerous Game rip-off
7 August 2016
ANGEL OF VENGEANCE is another waste-of-time action movie from cult director Ted V. Mikels. It has a lot of incident and a lot of noise, but nothing much seems to happen in it, much like Mikels's fellow movie TEN VIOLENT WOMEN. Jannina Poynter plays a military-themed woman who is kidnapped by a manic survivalist group who go around killing motorbike riders in lots of extraneous and random scenes.

Poynter is raped and sentenced to death, but asks for a chance to prove herself by becoming the prey in a hunt, MOST DANGEROUS GAME-style. Inevitably the tables are turned and the bad guys soon wish they'd never encountered Poynter. The plot sounds interesting and it is, inherently, but as with pretty much all of the Mikels films I've watched, the awful execution lets this film down. It's a surprisingly tame and restrained piece in which all of the contentious material is kept off screen and there's not a single action scene to get excited about here. Instead it's something of a chore to sit through, and definitely what you'd call Z-grade.
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