Review of Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne (2016)
Far below the first three Bournes, but still fairly entertaining
31 July 2016
I liked this, but only just barely. It's certainly disappointing considering how good the first three Bourne movies were, and even the non-Matt Damon Bourne Legacy is at least slightly better. They haven't found a compelling enough reason to return to the series here, with Bourne discovering a new, unnecessary, uninteresting bit of his past to come and beat people up about. I'd also say the editing is a good step below those first three films, too, with some of the action a bit more confusing. Greegrass perfected the shaky-cam style in parts 2 & 3. You always knew what was going on. Still, the action is compelling here, it's quite suspenseful and the film moves along at a nice pace. I liked the new additions to the series, most notably Alicia Vikander, Riz Ahmed and Vincent Cassell. If they do continue on with the series from here, I will probably still follow it. But I hope they do improve upon this one quite a bit.
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