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Jack-O (1995)
A very sad affair
25 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear, oh dear where can I begin with this mess? The story? The acting? The effects? Well seeing as I have to write at least 10 lines I can't mention any of those as they simply don't exist in this.

The back story is as pedestrian as the rest of the movie; a warlock gets hanged by a farmer for conjuring the pumpkin headed demon Jack-O. With the warlock dead, Jack-O is put in a shallow grave marked with a make-shift wooden cross.

Cut back to the modern era and some haphazard teenagers, (that all happen to look at least 30) are getting drunk and skylarking in the woods on the hunt for old graves and such. After some misguided teenage-esque antics one of them removes the still brand new looking 100+ year old wooden cross and Jack-O is back to cause havoc.

With the demon on the loose he kills the 3 teenagers plus an assortment of random townsfolk before his showdown with the descendant of the original farmer who imprisoned him.

The whole movie is contrived, I've seen better and more believable effects in movies made in the 50's, the dialogue seems forced and the acting is non- existent. I don't get why the extended shower scene was necessary in any way, it just slowed down the film for no good reason. Splicing in old footage of John Carradine was a poor idea based on the need to have a familiar actor to try and make a rotten apple seem not so rotten.

This is another one of those movies where no matter how fast you run for your life in the opposite direction, a shuffling murderer carrying a large cumbersome weapon will always be right behind you if you stop for a breather. At the end, no one seems to be traumatised by what they've seen, no one calls the police despite all the dismembered bodies littering the woods, they just walk back home wondering what they're going to have for breakfast. I couldn't even laugh at this as the whole thing was just too stupid. Some stupidity is to be expected but when it's like this it's better to just leave it alone.
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