A barely watchable H.K. mob film
23 July 2016
The screenplay is a very weird one, the leading actor played by Chapman To, is also the narrator of this a bit clichéd, formulaic mob film. His voice over the whole film is such a weird one, since what he said and told about is the story of his own but the weirdest thing is that after he died three months later, he's still telling the story's ending.

To, as we saw in his former films, he is not a bad actor, but funny thing is he's like Eric Tsang Chi-wai, both didn't look like a bit of an alpha dog, as they both are short, a bit overweight all the time, in the gangster Hong Kong underworld, yet they always played such unconvincing big-shot roles. Their presences in these kind of crime movies were always felt out of place and even laughable, even they tried so hard to look tough, but their postures and the outlooks are seemingly highly unlikely to be crime bosses.

This movie with him to play such kinda role is just another inappropriate casting job. Most of the other actors in this film looked more like mobsters.

There are also a very bad joking dialog delivered by Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, the dying Godfather who suddenly became John F. Kennedy, addressed his brothers-in-crime, "My fellow brothers, ask not what your organization can do for you, ask what you can do for your organization." What a lame joke.
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