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Outcast (2016– )
One of my favorite new shows of 2016
4 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Cinemax presents a new horror series called Outcast from the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. Set in the small town Rome, West Virginia, a demon is afoot possessing small children, or anybody really. At the center of this horror is Kyle Barnes played by Patrick Fugit. He's had a past with this demon that has resulted in him being alone and locked away inside a house hiding from everyone. Only his sister Megan Holter, played by Wren Schmidt, will come to visit and drop off food.

There is plenty of gore in this show as it is on the much less censored pay-for-cable channel and from the mind of the prolific zombie series writer. The boy who is possessed performs all sorts of gruesome acts on himself and those who try to cast the demon out of him. A particular part where he bites his finger is a shocker right at the start. Reverend Anderson, played by Philip Glenister, is called in to help release the boy from his plight but can do little in the face of such evil. The supporting cast looks good too with character actors like Reg E. Cathey of House of Cards playing the police chief.

After season 1 The new horror show on Cinemax comes from Robert Kirkman, the Kentucky native, and creator of The Walking Dead. Outcast expands on classic horror tropes as it follows a depressed man, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) with a mysterious power and a troubled past, and a preacher, Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) who performs exorcisms. The two men stumble upon evil entities spreading through the small Southern town of Rome, West Virginia. At points, the show fell into a "demon of the week" episodic nature but provided enough intrigue to push through a solid introductory season.

This horror original based on graphic novel doesn't go for the easy jump scare but draws out the tension with slow, menacing dread that builds through each episode. The most gripping story of the series is the plight of Megan Holter (Wrenn Schmidt), Kyle's sister, whose terrible experiences catch up with her and her husband Officer Mark Holter (Mark Holter). This subplot flips upside down as it collides with the main storyline to make for an awesome and chill- inducing finale.

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