KYTV (1989–1993)
Unfairly forgotten
9 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
KYTV is a show that has been forgotten in the years since it has been shown. Part of the reason is that much more savage though no less funny shows like The Day Today and Brass Eye stole it's thunder. Yet in a way it paved the way for those shows. Each episode centres on a type of programme , for example the coverage of a Boxing title fight has in it's action reply of the poor contender being shown knocked out in a large number of angles some of which would require the camera to be inside the ring itself. The cast of Helen Aktinson-Wood, Angus Deyton, Micheal Fenton-Stevens,Philip Pope and Gefforey (who also produced the show) Perkins performing as both regular characters and one-offs provide many memorable moments including one in which Anneka Rice comes face to face with someone ripping off one of her programmes. It is about time that KYTV should be lauded as the ground breaking show it was, perhaps with a repeat run.
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