Perhaps taking a cue from his DEMOCRATIC Union President buddy . . .
28 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
. . . Ronnie Reagan (True Fact--you can Wiki it) and his pharmacist dad (a "regular Joe" dumped in divorce by his snooty mom), John Wayne fights here defending a form of Obamacare, urging The People to shoot it out with ANYONE trying to take away their Obamacare, simultaneously declaring off-screen that Mexico must not become a Dumping Ground for AMER!CAN killers and rapists. (Much of the above information about IN OLD CALIFORN!A comes from the "Production Notes" on its 1999 Artisan DVD release; the rest is from this site, and\or is Common Knowledge.) When Typhoid Fever hits the California 49'Ers Gold Rushers, Wayne's Pharmacist Character "Tom Craig" heads a convoy delivering FREE (that is, taxpayer-provided) Medicine to those stricken. Fellow travelers of the Rich People's Party try to intervene on behalf of Private Enterprise to maximize the Profit Potential of this situation (just as American Big Pharma is making headlines all the time Today). But Tom and his gang of Obamacare Fans gun down this entire Capitalist Crowd. During the shoot the Private Enterprisers discussed continuing their campaign to Rape and Pillage Normal People by crossing into Mexico, but John Wayne insisted that this bit be cut from the final film, since he had three Mexican wives (though probably consecutively, not concurrently).
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