Review of Deadly Prey

Deadly Prey (1987)
Low budget, cheaply done, tedious crap.
23 February 2016
Are you a man? Do you have frosted hair? Do you sleep in very short, denim cutoffs? Yes? Then this is the film for you. Because Ted Prior does.

Ted Prior posed nude in Playgirl and that worked for him because he didn't speak, didn't have any lines. Here? We are tortured by not only his bad acting but the bad acting of the rest of the cast. That's not the worst of it though. We're also subjected to bad sound, bad editing, horrible dialog and a tedious, relentless 88 minutes of men chasing other men and pretending to be blown up by low budget grenades and gun fire. But the acting isn't just bad, it's PAINFUL!

Please don't waste your time on this. Your time is valuable. We're here for such a short time. You can't waste 88 minutes on something like this. Just watch Predator if you need something like this. You can watch it in short denim cutoffs.
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