Unequal pacing, good movie overall
13 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie had the same director as "The Man From Nowhere", which was such a blast I couldn't NOT try it.

Those who expected the same type of movie may find it quite different.

1.) Yes it's a Korean action/thriller movie. 2.) Yes it revolves around a protagonist who's rather on the silent side 3.) Yes the protagonist is protecting a female character against many individuals who want to harm her.

Now, the issue I have with this movie is two-fold : A. the pace. One short action scene in the beginning. Then there's a lot of downtime until something else happens. Is it bad or boring? Not necessarily, but the characters speak 4 different languages in the movie (Korean, English, Spanish, Mandarin) which can make it confusing, even with the subtitles.

We're then given some more action in the middle and a lot more towards the end, so you will be entertained.

B. The tone. Some of the villains were too ridiculous in the way they acted, in contrast to the overall serious tone reflected by the main actors.

Still, it was a satisfying movie, with great action scenes. Would recommend
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