Sek Kin holds the family together
5 January 2016
This movie caught my eye because of the name Sek Kin. You might know him from films such as "Enter the Dragon" where he played Bruce Lee's antagonist. More people know him from 545 other movies he played in, particularly over 100 Wong Fei-Hung movies. Sek Kin was 63 years old in 1976. In this movie he is the head of a triad family but keeps insisting the family doesn't do anything illegal, according to his own loose definition of illegal, like no drug dealing. His sons get into all sorts of trouble with the other triad bosses. It starts off simple when one son beats Bolo in a fight, basically just to show off, and creates disrespect. The other son escalates the situation with drugs and murder. So as it always does, it comes down to a final fight. Initially I was concerned because Sek Kin only did demonstrations of martial arts during the first hour of the movie. I was not disappointed though because he did real fighting in the final sequence. This movie is for fans of martial arts movies from the golden age and fans who know all about Sek Kin. If you are watching it for any other reason you will be disappointed and rate it about 4 out of 10. But if you are a fan like me this movie is definitely an above average 6 out of 10 on the appearance and skills of Sek Kin.
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