Review of The Walk

The Walk (II) (2015)
A mesmerizing & a'ccentric experience!
31 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The walk is a movie about a wire walker born in France, set out to New York, to fulfill his dream of covering a distance between the towers on his wire. His dream was seeded long time before even when the towers were not constructed completely. His journey of meeting associates accompanying him, leaving him, his close partner, the risks involved, his guide, the process, the audience all that comes into play while pursuing his dream are shown in this movie.

When the trailer first came out, I was not very intimidated. The movie was released in 3d mostly and somehow I dint like the visuals too much. After watching the movie this part stayed unaltered. The true essence of the movie is the details that take place and are described in social life of Philippe Petit. The experience was mesmerizing. There is a saying in India 'Rather than cooking same rice-Dal every day, one should occasionally cook biryani'. The tongue of the actors soothes so much, I mean hearing English from French People. The same experience one has in changing accent.

The coziness that is present between his (Philippe Petit) guide and him is great, his work going undisturbed inside a circle, his failure as in his first show -adds to the charm. There is also a lot of thrill involved, when he risks at being on height hiding from authorities with an associate who fears height, he gets on that wire and shows various tricks. Everything adds to the entertaining experience. Being an alpha, and supporting associates in overcoming the impossible always adds to the experience.
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