Pulse 3 (2008 Video)
Don't waste your time with this one
9 November 2015
PULSE 3 is the awful final chapter in the awful PULSE trilogy. The original PULSE was an effective lo-fi Japanese ghost story while the American remake was a sub-standard rip-off. However, PULSE 2 was even worse; an entirely dumb slice of semi-horror in which everything in the film was CGI-ed, even the backdrops.

Unfortunately PULSE 3 is much like the previous film and just as appalling. Once again ghosts inhabit the world like a disease, appearing through wireless Internet and other digital communications. There's a story of some sorts about a girl trying to track down her boyfriend, but overall this is a mess: messy characters you don't care about, messier effects, and an entire lack of incident. The whole film looks unrealistic and that's not just the ghosts. There's a stand-out scare sequence involving a woman blowing her head off which obviously wants to be as terrifying as that TV set-piece in THE RING, but it doesn't even come close. PULSE 3 is junk, and as near-unwatchable as a film can get.
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