Night Vision (1987)
Pretty lame supernatural horror effort
7 July 2015
After moving to New York, a small-town writer receives a strange VCR as a gift only to find that the tape's contents of Satanic rituals and ceremonies allows him to see a series of gruesome murders committed around the city.

Overall this one isn't all that spectacular and didn't have much going for it. Among the many problems with this one is that there's just not enough screen-time here to really get invested in the horror angle behind this one as far too much time is taken up with lame and non- frightening scenarios that just don't give off any true horror feel from any of the scenes. The main part here is the inherent fish-out-of-water storyline about how he's just arrived in the big city and completely inexperienced in life to be able to handle this which leads to his struggles to find a place to live and support himself which leads into the drawn-out romance angle here that isn't in the slightest bit interesting being telegraphed from the very beginning by the first moment they meet which really spoils that storyline quite early. The second half of this, him meeting up with the shifty hustler is just plain drawn-out and lifeless which just makes this seem all the more lame by furthering a plot-line already featured throughout this one and quite weakly by making it out like all New York inhabitants are seedy individuals. Not only do these plot-points make this one quite troubling overall in terms of pacing and generating interest, the mere factor of keeping the horror off-screen is also quite a large hurdle to overcome here which also tends to run this down by turning the horror into quite lame scenes anyway. The process of watching him go crazy and turn into a beady-eyed paranoiac doesn't really ring true all that much since the majority of time the possessed VCR is running on static and indecipherable snowy pictures which tends to make his reaction to them all the more confusing and incoherent. While the last half does tend to make this quite enjoyable as the slowly-unraveling police investigation turns out to be far better than expected at piecing everything together while generating a few solid suspense scenes here with the playback of the Satanic rituals finally being shown in full and getting the film with a solid gore count, these here aren't enough to really hold this up against the flaws.

Rated R: Language, Violence and Brief Nudity.
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