Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014–2015)
Not that bad
19 June 2015
Without any doubt this is not a scientific or educational program, it's infotainment. and that's okay. as always you have to extract useful and well researched data from data implemented for entertainment reasons. HANGAR 1 - allegedly derived from "the" MUFON archives - is far better than most of the other documentaries about the huge topic "UFOs", paranormal events and high strangeness for it shows some not so well known examples of unsolved and mostly very interesting events. MUFON in my humble opinion is, after all, far more credible than most of the other investigation organizations. that's why i seriously wondered why they agreed to be used as host for the series. the European section MUFON-CES would never act in such a self-destructive way, i guess.

Because... of course: shows like HANGAR 1 are first and foremost fun and entertainment. many people - like myself - who personally witnessed UFOs or other enigmatic phenomena and who dug deeper will know how to separate nonsense from facts but will have primarily fun watching the whole shebang. on the other hand, hardcore skepticists and professional debunks will never give any credibility to the show and its topics. so it's always praying in your own church. watch it, keep an open mind and, most of all, stop believing (in UFO-buffs AND debunks!).
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