Staying Alive (2007)
Two powerful men in cardiac unit not sure of their future. With their wives finding common ground.
7 June 2015
We mostly go to movies to forget about our problems, but many of us look for some life lessons such as how to get the girl, how to beat our foes, etc. This movie was pretty basic--when you are facing your own death or that of a loved one your perspective changes. Once you accept the premise of one man who is a powerful gangster and the other a conscientious news editor, but with death staring in the face you might guess the outcome. They are trapped in each other's company and perhaps it is not a great surprise they move their attitudes. A third patient is brought in, one with in a coma, but also with a husband who cares very deeply. The bottom line is Life is Precious. I had seen Saurabh Shukla in many other movies, most recently as a religious bully in PK and he is very good in this role. The other actor Anant Mahadevan is also the director and he does an excellent job in both roles. The women playing their wives and the one son are supportive. The background music is also supportive. Serious films are not big money winners, but this one deserves to be seen by thoughtful viewers.
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