Not Best Marine In Franchise
18 May 2015
this movie wasn't best as Marine John Cena and Ted DiBiase, Jr. Marine 2 the franchise should have just followed With John Cena In First Marine in big budget franchise but sometimes i hated franchise's going to Blu Ray and DVD. Film Directer,Actor,Writer Scott Wiper who did a WWE Wrestler's in Action movies The Condemned (2007)Steve Austin witch i liked. Marine 3 had good action scenes and good fights R.I.P(Darren Shahlavi)Cazel did had good fight scene with Miz but not the best scene i have scene i wish there could be more scenes with him but he is only 1 hour of film.

Story Follows that(Michael Gregory "Mike" Mizanin)Jake Carter who come United States Marine Returns Home To Bridgeton Jake had to sisters (Ashley Bell)Liz and (Camille Sullivan)Amanda having fun after that Liz and her boyfriend been kidnapped from radical militia group Villain wasn't great expect for Robert Patrick from Marine 2006 was good villain like Always but this Villain sucked who starred alongside former WWE superstar DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON as yet another villain in (WALKING TALL). Using every bit of his military training (Neal McDonough) Jonah Pope just lame villain who got Jake Sister as hostage. Jake Carter goes there to save day but the Action Scenes were good Jake taking out bad guys killing them it was fun then with Darren Shahlavi fighting with Miz scene didn't go long But I have seen better. In fact I have expected a much better movies in the beginning Jake had Combat skills this is not best Marine franchise 1 and 2 were great but this eh there some scenes are unrealistic low budget film camera looked eh normal not the best i have seen what can i expect from WWE Studios witch i always like buy depending what movies they make Marine 3 is has same story like previous Films it didn't had interesting story 6.10 some of action scenes were not much executing for me i wish it did a lot better film to it i had no problems with Miz Wrestler but i wanted to have John Cena Back on Franchise
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