Enter The "very average" Devil
28 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A sheriff investigates people begin to disappear and turn up dead, unknown to him a strange satanic cult called the Penitenties seem to be responsible.

Highly obscure horror/western, but a fairly watchable if undemanding picture. Story goes along at a pretty slow but steady pace with a few twists within it, including the lead (or what I thought was the lead) making a surprise exit. Acting is decent but nothing exceptional, as is the direction by Frank Dobbs. The rural, sparse Texan setting however is beautiful and strangely adds to the creepy undercurrent of tension in the cult scenes and is does manage (rarely) a modicum of suspense.

A decent but just very average movie that will pass the 80-odd minutes pleasantly enough just don't expect anything too great if you can get hold of it.

Shockingly this non-graphic, non-gory film was placed on the section 3 nasty list here in the UK, how anyone in a position of power at the DPP or police could've watch this on video in the early 80's and thought wow this should be banned is not only pathetic but down right stupidity.
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