Review of Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher (2014)
Did the positive reviewers watch the same movie I did?
7 March 2015
I seriously don't understand the positive reviews for this movie. I created an IMDb account JUST to write this review - I feel that strongly about it.

It doesn't matter how well an actor portrays a real person - a bad movie is a bad movie. The actors are not at fault.

I tried so hard to have some kind of emotional response throughout the whole film, but it was so dry, so slow-paced, and so long that by the time it was over I was truly upset that I just spent more than 2 hours watching it.

This would have been more interesting as a simple documentary. It SHOULD NOT have been made a major motion picture - not this one anyway. It's possible it could have been made into an interesting movie, but this was NOT it.

I really appreciate good dialog - meaning I don't need a comedy or action, or special effects to entertain me. But the dialog in this was just terrible, even if it was accurate.

Pure torture...
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