A Football Life (2011– )
Humanizing the Abstract
4 March 2015
WHEN RECORDING STARS reach a certain point in their careers, they usually cut a "Best Of" album. Likewise, when an outstanding player, coach or even player/coach has finished his career in the game and on the sidelines or has "cashed in his chips", an appropriate installment of A FOOTBALL LIFE is the order of the day.

THE SERIES IS long overdue as a reality and historical record of what went before "I" discovered the game and why things are the way that they are. Whatever the field of endeavor and interest, they did not begin when the current generation became aware of them. History is the order of the day and it is all embracing; covering all that is the culture of mankind.

WHAT WE WOULD like to see is a program dedicated to and featuring the exploits and contributions of NFL Films founder, Ed Sabol (1916-2015) and his son, Steve Sabol(1942-2012); who had served as President of the company until his premature death.

BOTH THE SENIOR Sabol and the son had very interesting and varied life experiences. Ed was an outstanding swimmer at Ohio State University (refusing to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany), a Broadway Stage Actor and a member of the RITZ BROTHERS Comedy Act; before founding what would later become NFL Films.

ASS FOR SON, Steve, he had a most eclectic collection of interests and activities. He played Fullback at Colorado College, was a successful competitive bodybuilder, having won the AAU Greater Mr. Philadelphia contest (as a neophyte), loved motorcycles, super hero comics, was a photographer, narrator, writer and artist on NFL Film Productions; which he won 35 Emmy Awards.

AND FINALLY, AS the great man once said:

"History is much more than a book that you keep the shelf!"

(NOW GUESS WHAT, Schultz; that "Great Man" is me.)
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