Steins;Gate (2011–2015)
Anime of the highest order
6 February 2015
Every fan of anime has their favorites, and this is mine. A complete story is told with unique and engaging characters, choices that challenge the viewers imagination, and a full palette of great science fiction ideas.

The story begins from a position of innocence and naivety. Goofy characters in a makeshift lab, attempting to make useful inventions - mostly out of caprice. The journey ahead can not be predicted, twists and turns taken in the fabric of reality - with time playing a huge role as a true 4th dimension.

All the characters have texture and flaws, and their imperfections bring them together like members of an extended family. The story progresses with excellent use of time travel and multiple realities, but I was struck by the choices the characters make, often forced into sacrifice to protect friends for sake of the greatest emotion: love.

Real life technology and occurrences are cleverly woven into the story, and this intricacy of detail is present throughout the entire story arc. Anime (generally speaking) is famous for awesome beginnings and terrible endings - or radical shifts in tone that break continuity for the viewer. Steins;Gate is the rare exception that maintains excellence from beginning to end. Meaningful questions are asked, explored, and solved. Who hasn't wanted to change the past? What might be the cost? To yourself? To people you care about? Ultimately, are people in control of their own destiny?

So what have I communicated? Very little actually! I loved it, and I know I'm not alone! There is also a 25th episode worth watching after series completion, and a movie as well. The movie really is fan service, and depends upon content from the series to be enjoyed, understood, and appreciated. I have not often encountered media with such heart, that also entertains with the best of it's genre and medium. A masterpiece 10/10
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