The Equalizer (2014)
Just an average action movie, but with Denzel Washington in it!
20 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well I more or less knew what was going to watch, I mean a movie with action packed up and all, but the main reason for me to watch the movie was, well like a lot of other people, Denzel Washington.

I mean he's a brilliant actor and just because of that I could watch this movie without getting annoyed. I mean this is just an average action movie, doesn't matter how many people say how many different things, but that's just the simple truth. You have seen this type before, so many times, sometimes with Neeson in it, some time with Bruce Willis etc., but the difference was the villain in this movie, Mr. Csokas, whom I find another brilliant actor as well, but the problem is, I believe, his character is extremely underwhelmed, regardless of some fancy show off Fuqua tried to pull. Just like 'Flight', Washington drives the movie, and this movie means Washington, which is sad, because we have seen how much great of a role a villain can play a lot of times, some exclusive examples would be Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall etc. in latest times.

There is no denying that Denzel was great as usual, but as I said, I expected a lot from Csokas' role too, but I left extremely disappointed. Another negative of the movie is how it ended, I mean I don't really remember an abrupt ending like this on a movie for a long time. It just finished, and in an awful fashion (you can't stop the inevitable but really they could have at least made it a lot tastier), just like someone was running out of time.

At the end of the day, it was another propaganda type movie, but I knew that, it was very entertaining nevertheless, with usual brilliance of Washington, and Csokas too, I mean to whatever extent he was given the chance to show off his. You will certainly enjoy this, like I did, but if you wanted a complete package, well you will miss it.

Thanks for reading, Regards, Saurav.
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