Pawn Stars UK (2013– )
Just Terrible
19 January 2015
I agree with the majority of other reviewers sum this up so well. Pawn Stars UK must be the worse show ever to be put on TV it is total crap. The shop is obviously a set & the staff are idiotic. Marko plays along as the dumbest man on planet earth then is allowed to do deals with cash, that makes no sense at all, the rest are no better than cardboard cut outs. There attempt at humor falls flat on its face every single time. Why History have deemed to put this nonsense on I will never understand. It is worthy of -10 as I cannot even bare to watch the trailers. I do like Pawn Stars USA. I also buy antiques and am in fact English. For the life of me why they did not pick an old antique shop with a old gentleman who knows his stuff who could inform & entertain instead of these buffoons I will ever understand.
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