Review of Hung

Hung (2009–2011)
Fun and light
30 October 2014
And sexual of course. There is nudity (though I can't recall male full frontal nudity, not that I minded) and there is sexual situation. It touches upon subjects (no pun intended) that are considered taboo. But it's HBO it can do that and goes to that places. One of the thing that surprised me the most, is that it's not so much about the male protagonist (a brilliant Thomas Jane), but more about empowerment. Especially of/for women, which is really nice to see.

It might have ended prematurely (again no pun intended), but it sort closed most things neatly. There are things left unsaid and undone, but that's how things are in life. The general idea is great of course and the series is really well put together. It's not the best HBO show ever, but it's a good addition to their repertoire
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