Blood Sabbath (1972)
Boring & slow but has plenty of female buff to warrant a viewing.
7 October 2014
A Vietnam veteran is trekking through the Mexican countryside when he comes across & is embroiled in an old war between a coven of witches & Yyala, a water nymph. Falling in love with Yyala, the vet finds that in order to love her, he must first lose his soul. He decides to make a pact with the witches in order to lose it, but doesn't realise that life without a soul has its challenges.

Blood Sabbath is an obscure horror fantasy that has recently popped up on dirt-cheap DVD releases & is memorable for having General Hospital's Tony Geary as the 'hero' & plenty of nudity on hand.

For a horror film, Blood Sabbath is nowhere even near scary. As a fantasy film it fails to entice anybody into watching it, as far as story is concerned. But what makes the film almost worth watching is that there is plenty of female nudity featured, which will be the perfect decider to pigeonhole the audience – you're either the kind who can sit through a boring 1970s trashfest just to see the nudity (which the film has in spades) or you aren't. I'm one of the former type – I have a great patience when it comes to these things & enjoyed watching the witches parade around in their birthday suits (although the clarity wasn't anywhere above average since the DVD print from dirt-cheap budget label Payless Entertainment (one of Region 4's biggest budget labels) was lacking in quality).

But despite the nudity, there is almost nothing to recommend the film for. The special effects, when they do appear, are so poor that you end up groaning in disappointment – particularly the severed head that appears halfway through the film (it looks nothing like the character whose head it's supposed to be) & the story is clichéd & stupid.

On the acting front, Tony Geary makes a whiny hero. On the other hand, Dyanne Thorne – Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS herself – makes a favourable impression as the lead witch, clearly having fun with the cruelty of her role.
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