Review of The FP

The FP (2011)
The title that launched the brothers and sister Trost careers!
9 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A dark look into our near future. Kids now grow up in a social dysfunct dystopian nightmare and the only way to resolve local conflicts is through the use of a futuristic device known as the "Beat Beat". JTRO must find a way to defeat his nemesis and win the love of the cutest skank in film history.

This film is hilarious and a must watch and is a great diversion from films like 8-Mile.

Jason Trost (Star of All superheroes must die), Brandon Trost (who shoots all of Seth Rogens films) are brilliant. However the real star of this film is Sarah Trost the costume designer who in a perfect world may have won an Academy Award for her brilliant costumes set in the new future of the FP.

I would also class this film as being in the Cyberpunk Genre for the attitudes of the characters and the localised dystopian feel.
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