The Villain (2014)
A love story that will make feel loved :)
28 June 2014
What a movie seriously, This is my first ever review and this is such kind of movie which forced me to write a review about it. I loved this movie a lot. Story: from beginning till ending this story keeps you stick to your seats and keep watching. not like Ra One or some other shitty movies in which you feel like leaving cinema before even movie is finished. Now a slow movie at all. Music: Literally every song of this movie is sooo good that you will keep whole album on repeat and keep listening to it again and again. In movie every song is on exact situation where it is needed. Acting: Sidharth Malhotra acted really well and Shraddha Kapoor kapoor also acted quite decent and overall performance of all the cast was amazing and yeah Riteish Deshmukh was fabulous. The only actor who did his worst like every time was Kamaal Rashid Khan, he is not even a actor I don't know how director took this dumb guy in his movie. he cant act at all if you just delete all his scenes movie will become much better. He is in the movie just to spoil it but thanks to other actor's performances and music he is failed to ruined that much. I hope to not see him in any movie ever again :)

Overall: This is the best film I have seen in long time. I was waiting to see such kind of movie but every time I wasn't able to see any film which makes me that happy about it.. Please go and watch this movie, I am sure you all will love this a lot :)
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